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ZEN Project 8 simplifies weight management and teaches how to eat a balanced healthy diet to lead a healthy life style.

Over the course of 8-12 weeks you'll be guided through 3 easy to follow phases  with premium ZEN products.

Let's start

Starting with Phase 1 DETOX (7-14 day)

- Cut out food what cause bloating

- Clean eating cleanse your digestive system

- Flush out excess toxins with water

Kick your body 

Into High Gear

The next Phase 2 IGNITE (21 days)

You continue your diet from Phase 1 however you will be able to choose from a wider variety of food sources. 

Exercise will also play a very important role.

Strength training combine with high and low intensity cardio.

- continue burning fat as well as strengthening the muscles

- food groups will be extended

Keep It Going

The last Phase 3 THRIVE can last as long as need or want to reach your goal. 

Keep eating a balanced healthy diet and continue with your exercise routine.

Most food groups are added to your plan and also Treat yourself with your favourite meal once a week.

It's time to own your health.

It's time to live your life energised.

It's time to Thrive

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- NO coaching

Easier birth from £130/week

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