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Tuesdays Online

Mummy & Baby Yoga

10:30 am

Focus on the present moment.

This class helps to improve numerous aspects of your life. 

Including, exploring your new identity as a mother and boosting your self-esteem while enhancing your physical and mental health. those who attended classes have described feeling more relaxed and more attuned to their baby's needs. Found new friends which reduced the sense of isolation.

Katalin Kaszas

Fridays Online

Pregnancy Fitness

8:30 am

Whole body workout mixed with light cardio and strength elements from 2nd trimester to birth.

In this class we use free weights and resistance bands for better result.

Keep you fit and strong through out pregnancy increasing your chances of an easier birth and a faster recovery.

Katalin Kaszas

Tuesdays and Fridays Online

Postnatal fitness

9:30 am

This class addresses the changes pregnancy brought upon your body and mind. The aim is to strengthen the weakened muscles, especially core muscles and help you to discover the new confident you.

Special attention to repair diastasis recti and strengthen the pelvic floor. We use weights and resistance bands to boost results. 

It's your ME TIME to regenerate your mind as well as your body.

Katalin Kaszas

Fridays Online

Healthy Eating Club

12:00 am

We are what we eat!

Balanced diet has a many benefits apart from looking great.

Having the right amount of nutrients at the right time makes an enormous difference of how your feel, increases your energy, improves concentration and you would look great too.

Learn about nutrition. 

What your body needs, when and why Boost your immune system.

Stay healthy for longer

Katalin Kaszas

Tuesdays Online

Pregnancy Yoga

6:00 pm

This class helps preparing for birth physically and mentally through gentle asanas, breathing / relaxation techniques and labour / birth positions. Build a strong pelvic floor to support birth and recovery. You will learn practical tools needed for labour and birth.

Q/A at the end of every class to boost your knowledge and confidence. Increasing your chance of a positive birth experience. 

Katalin Kaszas

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Baby Massage Course

This is a 5 week course an hour long class each week.

These sessions provides parents with a skill set to interact with their baby in a loving, nurturing way.

Among many benefits it boosts parent's confidence and reduces the stress hormone cortisol for both parent and baby.

Regular massage improves circulation, growth, apatite, sleep quality and reduces crying.

Katalin Kaszas

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