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We realise how precious this time is in a woman's life and we commit to keep you safe every step of the way.

Support you physically and emotional, provide you with the relevant, up-to-date information .


Fit Pregnancy

Fitness with Birth Education

(12 weeks recommended )

This program is to keep you fit and to provide you with information and strategies for labour and birth. Will teach you different breathing and relaxation techniques, labour and birth positions to help you to stay in control and have a positive birth experience.

2 antenatal sessions per month (6 in total) are also included where your partner is welcome too to attend. Covering pregnancy hormones, birth options (natural, caesarean etc..), pain relief options, birth partner's role, life with a new born and a lot more.


  • Training TWICE a week (ON or OFF line)

  • Antenatal education with partner TWICE a month (6 in total)

  • Pregnancy nutrition advice 

  • Access to my training and food diary apps

  •  Recipe books

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Fit Mummy

Fitness with Postnatal Support

(12 weeks recommended )

Pregnancy and child birth put many strain on your body and mind, a monumental transformation. 

This program is to aid your physical, mental and emotional recovery after birth. Rebuild your confidence as a woman and as a mother.

According to a standard guideline it is safe to return to exercise 6-8 weeks after natural birth and 10-12 weeks after caesarean as long as your doctor permits.

 Priorities of this program is to:

  •  Strengthen the core muscles 

  •  Repair diastasis recti

  •  Strengthen the pelvic floor

  •  Tone up lower and upper body

  •  Support transition into motherhood

  •  Breastfeeding support

Let's discover the new you and get acquainted to the mother you became .


  • Training TWICE a week (ON or OFF line)

  • Talk nutrition ONCE a month 

  • Access to my training and food diary apps

  • Recipe books

  • Postnatal support

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