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Our Aims

Empowering  women to boost their confidence through fitness and by adopting to a healthy lifestyle

Provide a safe environment where women, mothers feel secure to share their feelings and thoughts freely and can build a support group

awareness of the body-mind connection throughout fitness, yoga, breathing and relaxation for positive birth and parenting 

Supporting women to have a better understanding about the physical, emotional and psychological challenges of pregnancy

Our services

Personal training, Fitness classes,  
Yoga classes, Baby massage courses
in-person and online


Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment, its an achievement 

Are you tired of spending hours in the gym, struggling to get through your workout or make any progress?

Have your ever considered to seek professional help?YOU WILL

  • Set realistic and achievable goals

  • Receive a personalized workout regimen based on your goal

  • Learn the proper form and posture to keep you safe

    I PROMISE to Motivate you, Keep you on track when you feel like quitting and Get you closer to your goal.


For Busy people to reach their health and fitness goals

These online fitness programmes are designed to keep you active and reach your goals at your own time without the hassle of traveling to scheduled sessions.

You might do your workouts by yourself but you are not alone.

Your trainer is only a phone call away. 

How does it work?

  • Follow the link below and choose your desired plan, register on the app

  • Online support to keep you on track



This is a very special time in a  woman's life. 

Our programs are created to keep pregnant and postpartum women safe, healthy and strong.


  • Learn how to exercise safely in each trimester

  • Learn different breathing techniques 

  • Get ready physically, mentally and emotionally for labour and birth

  • Learn which food you should and shouldn't eat 

  • Listen to your body, strengthen your pelvic floor

  • Receive birth educational information, what to expect

  • Regain your core strength and fitness level after birth


Our classes can help you to manage your weight, tone up, get fitter and healthier. 


  • Maintain your fitness level throughout PREGNANCY

  • Receive relevant information about labour and birth

  • Regain your fitness level AFTER BIRTH

  • Get ready physically, mentally and emotionally for labour and birth and parenthood

  • Experience a unique way to connect with your baby 

    I PROMISE to create a safe, friendly and respectful environment to provide an opportunity to socialize with others freely.

Keep Active  Eat Right  Stay Healthy

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say


Personal Training


The picture on the left was taken 2 years ago (2016). since than I've lost 30 kg and 3 dress sizes.
Katalin has been my inspiration and motivation on this journey. She helped me understand and start on a healthy lifestyle and supported me emotionally too. 
Increased my confidence tremendously.
I can definitely recommend Katalin as your personal trainer. She will address your personal needs and you'll work together to achieve your goals.
I cannot thank her enough.

Leila Briceva

Pregnancy Yoga


After a week long labour, the baby arrived yesterday afternoon (15.08.2019). She was 6lbs 7ozs. We are both very tired but doing well. Katalin all the stuff with the breathing exercizes got me to 6cm alone. So thank you so much. I can't wait for you to meet her for baby massage.


Postnatal Fitness

Katalin really helped me to regain my strength and muscle tone after giving birth and recover from diastasis recti which I'm very grateful for. If you are looking for someone to support you through pregnancy and with recovery after birth don't look further.



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